marine plywood, birch plywood, phenolic plywood

Marine Plywood

Used in environments that will be exposed to moisture, marine plywood is suitable for humid and wet conditions for long periods of time. No surprise that it is commonly used in construction projects and boat building due to its resistance to delaminating and fungal attack. Durable with few defects, marine plywood is chosen for its lasting performance and ability to endure watery conditions. Ideal for sheds, fences, boats and roofing jobs.

Here at Longridge Timber we stock 12mm and 18mm Marine Plywood at our Longridge and Preston depots, each available for speedy delivery to site or your home. Plus other sizes can be supplied to order in 2-3 days. Get in touch for a quick quote, or to find out more.

Birch Plywood

Birch plywood is a great value, less expensive ply and because three or more layers of birch are combined together to make one sheet it is best known for its strength and durability, making this an ideal choice in construction planking material. Although water resistant, Marine plywood is better suited to be exposed to constant wet and humid conditions. Birch plywood is popular for indoor woodworking projects like cabinet making, shelves and desks because of its durability. Birch ply’s enduring, reliable reputation combined with its aesthetically pleasing pale appearance makes it a great choice for high quality furniture items.

Phenolic Plywood

Phenolic Plywood is made of high-grade birch that is soaked in phenolic resin creating an extremely hard-waring, water-resistant ply. Our phenolic faced plywood is made up of 15 layers, so it is very tough and resists splitting and cracking and stands up well to being worked on. This is the hob-nob biscuit of plywood! With the edges sealed, it becomes resilient to moisture, insects and chemical abrasion.

Both Birch Plywood and Phenolic Plywood can be supplied to order with 2-3 days lead time. Contact us for a quote, or to place your order.